Post-Operative Care for Full Mouth Dental Implants: A Comprehensive Guide

Implants are the latest way of replacing missing teeth fixedly. Implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Full mouth implants are done to replace all missing teeth in the mouth as an alternative to removable dentures. 

A full mouth implant surgery is a tough yet worthwhile step in improving the oral condition of a person with no teeth in his/ her mouth. You must properly follow the post-operative instructions to make those implants last a lifetime. In this blog, we will guide you regarding how to take care of your implants post-surgery- brought to you by Oris Smiles Dental Clinic Thaltej Ahmedabad

Post-operative care for full-mouth dental implants

There are various aspects of post-operative care that can be divided into the following categories, which we are going to discuss

Diet recommendation

Eat only a soft or liquid diet for the next 24 hours after the surgery. Make sure the food is completely cold or at room temperature. You can eat food such as mashed potatoes, dalia, yogurt, pancakes, smoothies, and soups. Try not to bite anything hard for the next few days, as it will not put any undue pressure on the implant site. Excess pressure on the implants needs to be avoided for the next few days. 

Take rest   

Try to take complete rest for the next 24 hours after your surgery, and slowly, you can resume your work. Rest is recommended to handle minor pain and swelling that might happen after the surgery. Also, proper rest speeds up the healing process, making it easy to recover from the surgery.

Swelling Reduction  

Swelling can arise up to 48 hours after your surgery is done, but don’t worry; it can be managed well, too. To manage the swelling on the implant site, you can apply an ice pack continuously for the first 48 hours after the surgery. Place two or three pillows so that your head is elevated while sleeping. Do not sleep on the side of surgery as it may increase swelling. 

Medicines that need to be taken

Take the medicines as prescribed at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic Thaltej Ahmedabad. We advise you to take the painkiller medicine before the effect of local anesthesia wears off. In addition, you can take OTC tablets such as paracetamol to manage pain and inflammation after the full-mouth dental implant surgery.

Oral Hygiene 

To maintain hygiene at the implant site, we recommend you start warm saline water gargles the next day after the surgery. You can start brushing after 24 hours, but make sure that your brush is extremely soft so that it doesn’t irritate the implant site. Also, interdental tools are used to clean the area between the implants. 


Good post-operative care is very important to ensure the success of your full-mouth dental implants. Follow your doctor’s recommendation, take the medication as prescribed, and rest. In the next few days, you will recover from the discomfort and swelling. 

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