Why and How of kid’s RCT| Kids Root Canal Treatment Ahmedabad

Why and How of kid’s RCT |  Kids Root Canal Treatment Ahmedabad

Why are milk teeth important?

Contrary to the common notion that milk teeth are of no use, parents must understand that milk teeth are equally important, if not more, than adult teeth. The milk teeth are essential for your child to eat and speak properly. They also serve as the guiding light for permanent teeth to erupt properly into the desired location. Early exfoliation or delayed shedding of the milk teeth can lead to irregularly placed or misaligned permanent teeth.

At oris smiles dental clinic, we have a special team of kid’s dentists trained to handle all kinds of children and their dental troubles. Our chief dentist Dr. Janu Shah ensures that each child gets special care and attention during the whole process.

Symptoms of cavities| Kids Root Canal Treatment Ahmedabad

  • Tooth decay usually starts as a tiny lesion that is chalk-white in color. The chalky white appearance means that the first layer of the tooth has begun to break down.
  • The next stage of cavities is a white patch turning brown
  • As soon as the decay reaches the third layer of the tooth, it causes immense pain
  • Most of the cavities go unnoticed by the guardians and are detected by our team in the routine examination. Constant pain is one of the common symptoms of cavities
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food items
  • Swelling in the gums 
  • Discharge from the tooth or surrounding areas

Parents must remember that these symptoms may not always be present together, and if any of the symptoms are mentioned above, they must report them to our head, Dr. Janu shah, at oris smiles dental clinic.

Types of kid’s RCT|  Kids Root Canal Treatment Ahmedabad


It removes the upper half of the root canal in the milk teeth and leaves the uninfected portion inside the tooth. This procedure helps clear the infection and relieve the pain of the child. It also helps promote healing and growth of the root portion of the milk teeth.


If the whole nerves and blood vessels are infected, then the procedure of choice is pulpectomy. It is similar to the adult RCT, except the choice of material used to fill the tooth after cleaning differs. The placement of stainless steel crown usually follows a pulpectomy to prolong the life of the milk teeth.

How to prepare your child|  Kids Root Canal Treatment Ahmedabad

  • Parents are encouraged to talk to their child about the problem, and our team also builds a rapport with the kid before beginning the treatment.
  • The appointments are kept for a shorter duration.
  • The treatment is not done in the first appointment itself as it helps the child to get used to the clinic environment.
  • If the child is too young, the parents are allowed to accompany the child
  • Using euphemisms for dental terms like anesthesia, drill machine, and cavities will help the child understand the treatment better
  • The morning appointments are preferred for the child 
  • The appointments are given during the free hours of the operatory to provide a comfortable environment for the child

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