Overdenture Treatment in Ahmedabad- All You need to Know

What is an Overdenture? – Overdentures Treatment in Ahmedabad

Traditional dentures have the problem of frequent slipping during speaking and eating. Overdentures are dental prosthesis that helps overcome this common problem with regular dentures. They help in keeping the prosthesis stable by providing more retention with the help of different mechanisms.

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the various types of overdentures and ways to fabricate them- brought to you by Oris Smiles Dental Clinic.

Types of overdentures – Overdentures Treatment in Ahmedabad


  • Requires two to six dental implants to secure the prosthesis
  • It can be removed during sleep
  • It’s a two-step procedure in which step one involves implant placement.

Fixed implant supported

  • It is the type of overdenture that is fixed into the jawbone with the help of dental implants and can’t be removed by you.
  • It requires special care and attention to maintain proper oral hygiene, as it can’t be removed during sleep.
  • It is the most stable type of overdentures.

Bar retained

The implants placed into the bone have a bar attachment on top of it, over which the denture clings onto. It provides more retention than the traditional denture and can be removed at will for cleaning purposes.

Ball retained

It has a ball-shaped attachment that connects the implants with the dentures making it easier to remove for cleaning and during sleep.

Procedure for fabrication – Overdentures Treatment in Ahmedabad

Consultation and Examination

The consultation is the significant step where you connect with our chief dentist at Oris Smile Dental clinic, Dr. Janu Shah. It is a critical step as you can discuss all your queries and clear all your doubts with Dr. Janu Shah.

The clinical examination involves analyzing the current dental status of your teeth and surrounding structures. This essential step helps formulate a customized treatment plan by deciding which type of overdenture suits you the best.

Implant surgery

This is the actual surgery that is done under local anesthesia. It is an entirely painless and hassle-free procedure. The dental implants are tiny posts of titanium inserted into the jawbone directly to support the prosthesis.

Recovery phase

It differs from person to person and is usually two to six months. The implants are adequately secured into the bone and become stable. It is crucial to confirm the stability of the implants before loading them with prostheses.

Healing cap

Once the implant integration is confirmed within the jawbone, the healing caps are placed after exposing the implants. The healing caps guide the healing of soft tissues around the implants.

Dental impression

The dental impression is made to make a model that will be sent to the lab for denture fabrication.

Framework fabrication

The framework is fabricated as per the dental impressions. The artificial teeth are adjusted on the denture according to an individual’s bite.

Final insertion

Once the framework is finalized, the final prosthesis is fabricated by the dental lab. The final insertion involves locking the denture with implants already placed in the mouth.


Regular follow-up visits are essential to track the progress of the implants and also to check the dental status of the natural teeth if any, and the surrounding structures periodically


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