Broken tooth: Effective ways for Tooth Repair: Tooth Repair Ahmedabad

If you feel you can be the life of the party by opening that beer bottle, this can put you in deep trouble, my friend! Your teeth are hard but not unbreakable, so be careful. 

This blog will discuss the common causes and treatment possible for tooth repair. Tooth repair Ahmedabad depends on the severity of the break, so without further delay, let’s get started- brought to you by Oris Smiles Ahmedabad

Common reasons for a broken tooth: Tooth Repair Ahmedabad

Biting on hard food items

Biting down on tough food items like an ice cube, popcorn kernel, or hard candies can be detrimental. The teeth can fracture due to the unbearable load caused on the tooth surface by chewing on such hard items.

Opening things using teeth

Opening bottles or using your teeth to open packages like plastic packets can put your teeth under extreme stress leading to tooth fractures. The fracture grade depends on the degree of abuse, and the tooth repair Ahmedabad relies on the severity of the damage.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding or bruxism is an essential factor in enamel chipping. The cusps of the teeth become sharp and more prone to fracture. The crack can be superficially limited to the first layer or extensive, extending up to the nerves and vessels of the teeth.

Tooth trauma

Direct injury to the tooth is one of the most common causes of tooth fracture. Trauma can cause tooth break or loss depending on the type of injury. Like tooth repair, the knocked-out tooth can also be secured safely if reported timely to the dental clinic.

Extensive decay

The grossly carious tooth becomes weak due to the dissolution of the mineralized content of the teeth. This extensive decay makes the tooth more to fracture under the slightest pressure. To prevent extensive decay, it is essential to maintain oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist for follow-up.

Effective ways of Tooth Repair Ahmedabad

There are multiple ways by which we at Oris Smiles can repair your tooth fracture:

Composite bonding

An effective way of treating minor cracks, chipped-off enamel, and tooth decay. It is a tooth-colored restoration that is bonded directly onto the tooth to mimic the natural shape and color of the teeth.

Dental veneers

It is a thin tooth-colored shell used to mask minor imperfections in the shape of the teeth. Dental veneers that are made up of porcelain are tough and durable. Veneers enhance the compromised appearance due to cracks, chipped-off teeth, or even tooth discoloration. The advantage is dental veneers used for tooth repair require minimal tooth preparation.

Dental caps or crowns

Dental caps are prostheses made up of metal, ceramic, or PFM. dental crowns are used to treat extensive decay and damage to restore the proper form and function 

Extraction followed by Dental Implants

If there is severe tooth damage and saving the tooth is not possible, or there is tooth loss due to decay or trauma, then extraction followed by dental implants is done to treat the tooth loss.

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