What you need to know about Dentures in Ahmedabad

What you need to know about Dentures in Ahmedabad

What are dentures?- Dentures in Ahmedabad

Dentures are artificial replacements for missing teeth. They are removable prostheses mainly of two types- complete and partial depending on the number of teeth they replace. Complete dentures replace the full set of missing teeth, and partial dentures replace one or more than one missing tooth but not all. 

In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the types, procedures, and aftercare tips of removable dentures- brought to you by Oris Smiles Dental Clinic.

How does the new denture feel? – Dentures in Ahmedabad

Wearing dentures may feel weird in the initial days. The first few days are uncomfortable and require a lot of practice and patience. At Oris Smiles Dental Clinic, our chief dentist, Dr. Janu Shah, always suggest wearing the denture for maximum hours in the day. The denture might feel tight in the initial days, and you may have difficulty eating and speaking. Wearing them for long hours is advisable to get used to the prosthesis. It is natural for your tongue to dislodge the prosthesis during the initial days. With patience and proper training, it becomes easier as time passes. However, if there is any pain or discomfort, you must immediately report to us. Do not wear the dentures if you feel any sharp spicule or edge is troubling you. 

Procedure for getting dentures – Dentures in Ahmedabad

  • The first step is the careful clinical examination of the mouth, in which our experts will examine the remaining teeth along with the surrounding structures
  • Our team of experts, under the supervision of Dr. Janu Shah at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic, ensures you get a customized treatment plan based on your dental examination.
  • After examination, the next step comes the impression-making step. It is an essential step as it helps in determining your bite. 
  • The teeth are set according to your bite to make a try-in denture.
  • The try-in sample is checked for minor adjustments. After the trial results are satisfactory, the final denture fabrication is done.

Will dentures affect my look?

 The complete dentures are designed to mimic your natural teeth. The missing teeth will result in the jaw bones’ resorption, making you look older. Complete dentures will make you look fuller and give you a youthful aesthetic appearance.

Is eating difficult with dentures?

In the initial few days, you will have difficulty using the dentures as you get used to the new prosthesis. The new dentures are uncomfortable as the tongue and cheek muscles tend to dislodge them, making eating or chew food properly difficult. With constant practice and patience, you can train your muscles, eventually making eating correctly easier.

Is it a painful process?

No, the entire process of complete denture fabrication is an entirely painless procedure. If the jawbones favor receiving the complete dentures, then there is no need for any bone augmentation procedure under local anesthesia.

Will it change the way I speak?

Yes, speaking certain words with the dentures in the initial few days becomes a bit challenging. However, when you get used to wearing them, it becomes a part of the mouth. You can practice saying those words loudly to get familiar fast. If your denture slips too often and clicks when you speak, it should be reported to our team.

Do we have to wear them 24hrs?

No, you do not have to wear them 24hrs. You should remove them at night and store them as instructed by our team. Removing the complete dentures at night allows the gums and supporting tissues to rest. This resting period is essential to prevent soreness of the tissues.

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