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What is Tooth Extraction: Tooth Extractions in Ahmedabad

Tooth removal is done when the tooth is grossly decayed or mobile, and there is no other treatment option available to save it. Tooth extractions in Ahmedabad are the minor surgical procedures done to remove the tooth. 

All the procedures are done under the effect of local anesthesia and are entirely painless. Tooth removal is one of the most dreaded procedures, and we at Oris Smiles Dental clinic understand this. Our team of specialists ensures that the procedures are painless while maintaining the international standards of sterilization. 

Indications of wisdom tooth extraction: Tooth Extractions in Ahmedabad

There are four wisdom teeth in an adult that erupt between 18 to 23 yrs. In some instances, when there is not enough space for the wisdom tooth to erupt, they remain impacted. Wisdom tooth extractions are the surgical removal of such impacted teeth that are causing problems like pain, swelling, or damage to the adjacent teeth.

Common reasons for wisdom tooth removal-

  • Chronic or recurrent pain in the molar region
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Reduced mouth opening
  • Formation of a fluid-filled space o a cyst
  • Damage to the adjacent tooth
  • Pain in the soft tissues over the last molar
  • Fowl smell or pus discharge 
  • Space infection or sinus involvement

Difference between wisdom teeth extractions and other tooth extractions

Wisdom tooth extractions are a bit different from regular tooth removal procedures. Though dental extractions are carried out under local anesthesia, some bone cutting is involved in wisdom tooth extraction. 

Standard tooth extractions in Ahmedabad involve tooth removal with the help of dental instruments without any bone removal as some portion of the tooth is visible in the mouth. 

In wisdom tooth extractions, very little or no tooth portion is visible, so bone cutting becomes mandatory. The recovery period for a wisdom tooth extraction is more than regular tooth removal procedures. 

Is the process of tooth removal painful: Tooth Extractions in Ahmedabad

No, the tooth extractions in Ahmedabad are entirely painless. All the procedures of tooth removal are done under local anesthesia. While removing your tooth, you might feel the tooth getting pulled out, but there will not be any pain.

At Oris Smiles Dental clinic, our team of experts puts your comfort at priority and ensures that you have a dental experience like never before

How can you prepare for dental extractions?

  • Always have your food before going for any dental extractions
  • If you are taking any regular medicines for any systemic illnesses, always report to your dentist so that your case can be planned accordingly
  • Your dentist might prescribe some antibiotics and painkillers, so if you have any allergies to any medications, it is wise to tell your doctor
  • If you are an asthmatic patient, always carry your inhaler along with you
  • If you have recently gone under any kind of therapy like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or bisphosphonate therapy, kindly tell your dentist
  • Listen to the post-extraction instructions carefully and follow them to avoid complications

Aftercare of tooth removal: Tooth Extractions in Ahmedabad

After tooth extractions in Ahmedabad, the recovery period depends on how well you follow the post-extraction instructions. Some of the critical points for the aftercare of tooth removal are listed below

  • After the tooth removal, your socket will be packed with a gauze which you have to remove after an hour
  • Do not spit for the next 24 hrs
  • Do not brush or rinse your mouth for the next 24 hrs
  • Start with warm saline rinses after completing 24hrs
  • Do not eat any hot, spicy, or hard food items for a couple of days, and avoid chewing from the side of the extraction
  • Start with cold compressions from outside on the same day of dental extraction to prevent swelling
  • Take all the medications as prescribed and report to your doctor for follow-up.

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