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The Era of Esthetics: Midline Gap Treatment Ahmedabad

What is Midline Diastema: Midline Gap Treatment Ahmedabad

Midline diastema is a malocclusion that affects the upper or lower front teeth. It is a gap present between the teeth that is mainly an aesthetic concern and hampers social life. The transient midline diastema in teens is known as the ugly duckling stage. The ugly duckling stage is a self-correcting malocclusion, but the other kinds of midline diastema need proper dental intervention. 

In this information, we will briefly discuss the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of midline diastema- brought to you by Oris Smiles Dental Clinic.

Causes of midline diastema: Midline Gap Treatment Ahmedabad

  • Enlarged frenum attachment
  • Oral habits like tongue thrusting and mouth breathing
  • Unerupted extra tooth between the upper front tooth
  • Abnormal upper jaw
  • Extra space is available than required to accommodate the teeth leading to gaps in the teeth. This discrepancy between the jaw size and the teeth is mainly due to developmental or hereditary changes.
  • Presence of any pathology in the form of a cyst or tumor
  • Missing teeth lead to the shifting of the front teeth away from each other
  • Ectopic eruption of the teeth
  • Retained milk teeth
  • In cases where the individual is undergoing rapid maxillary expansion. The movement of the palatine bone leads to the creation of a gap between the front teeth.

Diagnosis of midline diastema

The diagnosis of midline diastema is made by our experts at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic after carefully examining the current dental status. Few diagnostic tests that will help our experts make the customized treatment plan are:

Blanch test

This test is used to detect high frenal attachment. It is done clinically by pulling the lips outward to check if there is whitening or blanching of the area at the backside between the two front teeth.

Check for habits

The habits like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking are common causes of midline diastema. It is important to take the correct case history and perform appropriate clinical tests to rule out these habits.

Radiographic test

The radiographic analysis also plays a key role in determining the cause of midline diastema. The X-rays rule out conditions like the presence of an extra tooth or an impacted tooth, which may cause midline diastema.

Midline Gap Treatment Ahmedabad

  • The midline gap treatment Ahmedabad is divided is done by various methods. The most commonly used aesthetic treatment for filling the gap is teeth bonding using a tooth-colored resin material called composite. 
  • Teeth bonding or dental bonding is a regular cosmetic dental procedure done by our team of aesthetic dentists at  Oris Smiles Dental Clinic. It involves shaping the resin material as a natural tooth to fill the gap. There are limitations to this procedure as it can not be used to fill large gaps. 
  • To know your eligibility for composite bonding, it is important to get a detailed clinical examination done before proceeding further. If there are certain conditions like high frenal attachment or the presence of extra teeth, they need to be addressed first.
  • Dental bonding using composite material can last long if you take care of them properly. If there are some parafunctional habits like nail biting or chewing into pen/ pencils, it needs to be avoided.

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