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What are Clear Aligners: Clear Aligners in Ahmedabad

Misaligned or crooked teeth are not only an aesthetic concern but also have a significant risk to oral health. The teeth perfectly aligned are easier to clean, enabling you to maintain better oral hygiene. If there is a plaque build-up due to improper cleaning, it leads to gum problems and may cause tooth loss. Traditional methods use braces to correct the misaligned teeth utilizing brackets and wire networks to pull your teeth into a more favorable position. 

However, the braces treatment might not be the first choice for someone looking for a more aesthetic solution. At Oris Smiles Dental Clinic, our chief dentist, Dr. Janu Shah, with her team of experts, provide a more aesthetic solution in the form of clear braces.

Clear braces or clear aligners are plastic plates customized to your mouth as per your dental needs. This transparent plastic plate is removable and fits snugly to your teeth. The Clear aligners in Ahmedabad are a perfect solution for people who want to correct their misaligned teeth without compromising their looks.

Benefits of Clear Braces: Clear Aligners in Ahmedabad

  • Nearly invisible, so they offer a highly aesthetic solution
  • Removable in nature, providing maximum user comfort as the braces are fixed onto the teeth for a long duration
  • Extremely comfortable as it does not irritate the gums and the cheeks
  • Easy to maintain the proper cleanliness of the mouth
  • Extremely simple aftercare regime
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Maximum user comfort
  • Entirely painless process
  • A bit faster process than traditional braces application
  • Less number of visits are required with the dentist
  • No need of any anesthesia 

The right candidate for Clear Aligners: Clear Aligners in Ahmedabad

Good oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary for the effective movement of the teeth. With plaque accumulation, gum diseases start, which can spread to the supporting tissue of the teeth and hamper movement.

No personal habits

Habits like chewing or tobacco smoking are detrimental to your tooth movement. The clear aligners must be applied long and should only be removed while eating or drinking. Removing aligners frequently will not fetch results.

Misalignment cases

Clear braces can effectively manage the misaligned teeth. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the misalignment. For a customized treatment plan, it is best to get your complete clinical examination by our chief smile expert, Dr. Janu Shah, at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic.

All permanent teeth present

All the permanent teeth are necessary to move the concerned teeth into the desired location effectively. Multiple missing teeth will not allow smooth aligner therapy.

How does Invisalign work: Invisalign in Ahmedabad

Invisalign or clear braces are transparent plates that fit snugly onto the teeth. These plates apply a constant force on the teeth to move them. The surrounding supporting tissues of the tooth feel this force and modulate themselves, allowing bone dissolution on one side and deposition on the other. This bony change allows the teeth to get into the new position. Once the teeth reach their desired location, the force applied is reduced, and the new bone starts forming around it to help secure the new position. After the clear braces or Invisalign therapy, retainers are also provided to help maintain the teeth in their new positions.

How to wear Invisalign: Invisalign in Ahmedabad

  • The total duration of wearing Invisalign varies from person to person, depending on the misalignment’s severity. It is advised to wear plates for most of the day and remove them while eating and drinking anything except water.
  • The average duration of wearing Invisalign plates is around 20 hrs to achieve desired results.
  • The plates are in sequence, and you must not try to skip the sequence and make sure you switch in the correct order.
  • The aligners come in pairs; make sure you wear them one by one, not together.
  • Gently insert them by pushing them softly on the teeth, and do not be harsh with your plates of Invisalign  
  • When the plates are correctly inserted,d you will hear a clicking sound.
  • Always store the plates in the case provided for better safety and storage.
  • The first few days can be a bit of discomfort or slight pain after beginning the Invisalign therapy.
  • It may take a few days to get used to the plates initially
  • Slight discomfort initially and a feeling of tightness around the teeth are normal
  • Lisping and difficulty speaking certain words are transient issues in the initial days of Invisalign treatment.

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