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What are Dental Veneers: Dental Veneers in Ahmedabad

Dental veneers in Ahmedabad are customized thin shells used to cover the front tooth surface. They are one of the most common aesthetic procedures to enhance the smile. Dental veneers in Ahmedabad help improve the teeth’ shape, size, and color.

If you are less confident due to your smile and feel the need for a minimal cosmetic dental procedure, you must consider dental veneers in Ahmedabad. Our team of experts at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic will help you with a customized treatment plan for your dental needs.

The information provided below will discuss the different types of veneers and the procedure to get dental veneers in Ahmedabad.

Why do you need veneers?


Tooth discoloration is a common problem, and the stains can be due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors. In some instances, the teeth whitening options are ineffective against tooth discoloration. In such cases, dental veneers play a significant role in masking the stain and enhancing your smile’s sparkle.

Chipped off tooth

Due to daily wear and tear or trauma, the enamel may get worn off or chipped off. Dental veneers work well in masking such irregularities of the teeth.

Slight misalignment

Dental veneers can be used as an alternative to extensive orthodontic treatment in slight misalignment cases or minor gaps between the teeth.

Mild deformity in the shape

Minor deformities in shape and form can be tackled well by masking the front tooth surface with the help of dental veneers.

Types of Dental Veneers in Ahmedabad

Porcelain Veneers

They are a type of dental veneer that is fabricated in the lab. They are the two-step dental veneers in which the tooth preparation is done in the first and the second visit involves cementing the surfaces on the tooth.

Benefits of porcelain veneers

  • More resistant to stains
  • It can last up to 10-15 yrs
  • More durable
  • Customized and fabricated in the lab
  • Exactly mimics the tooth color

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are veneers molded on the tooth in the same visit. There is no involvement in the lab, and the whole process is completed chairside in one sitting.

Benefits of composite veneers

  • It can last up to 5-7 yrs
  • The process is completed in a single sitting
  • Not much preparation of natural tooth surface is required
  • More affordable than porcelain veneers

Advantages of dental veneers: Dental Veneers in Ahmedabad

  • Exactly mimics the natural tooth in terms of shape, form, and color
  • It can last very long if taken care of properly
  • Easy to maintain with simple oral hygiene practices
  • Not much tooth preparation is required as compared to dental crowns
  • Resist stain longer than the natural teeth

What to expect during the treatment: Dental Veneers in Ahmedabad

  • The initial step is to diagnose and formulate a customized treatment plan for the case
  • Depending on the requirement of the case, the type of dental veneer is planned
  • To compare the results, there will be a preoperative session of photographs, and study models will be made
  • The next step comes in actual tooth preparation, in which the alteration of the natural tooth depends on the type of veneer planned
  • After the tooth preparation, the model is sent to the lab in the case of a porcelain veneer. For a composite veneer, our cosmetic dentist will carve the veneer simultaneously.
  • Once the porcelain veneer is fabricated, it is cemented in the next appointment. Temporary veneers can be provided for the time being.

Aftercare of Dental Veneers

  • Like any other dental procedure, some aftercare practices must be kept in mind for proper maintenance.
  • Avoid eating immediately after the procedure.
  • Do not bite on any hard food items with the concerned tooth
  • Avoid staining food items like tea, coffee, and wine
  • Regularly brush and floss your teeth
  • Do not miss the follow-up appointments

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