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What is Teeth Cleaning? Scaling in Ahmedabad

If you think brushing twice a day is enough to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Then you might be wrong as certain deposits can’t be removed at home and needs professional cleaning. Plaque that can’t be removed with regular brushing at home attracts more bacteria and can lead to other dental problems like tooth decay and irritation of the gums.

According to various studies, the bacteria found in the gums are known to be linked with other general health issues like cardiovascular problems. 

Professional  Teeth Cleaning in Ahmedabad or Scaling in Ahmedabad is a procedure done by the dentist using special hand-operated machines called scalers to remove these deposits.

Getting teeth cleaning in Ahmedabad done at least twice a year is advised for effective care of your teeth and gums. In the information provided below, we will briefly overview scaling in Ahmedabad – brought to you by Oris Smiles Dental Clinic. 

Advantages of teeth cleaning: Teeth Cleaning in Ahmedabad

  • It will remove superficial stains that were discoloring the teeth
  • It will help in reducing the inflammation of the gums
  • Promote the overall health of your teeth and gums
  • If you have bad breath, teeth cleaning can help you fight it.
  • Removes the harmful bacterial deposition that can cause other dental problems and other general health issues
  • It helps in the early detection of dental diseases like cavities

Teeth cleaning procedure: Teeth Cleaning in Ahmedabad

Dental examination

The first and foremost step is the complete dental examination. The doctor will clinically examine all your teeth and the gum condition to formulate a customized treatment plan for you. After careful analysis, you will be informed about the number of sittings the complete teeth cleaning in Ahmedabad may take in your case.


Teeth scaling is done by a dental instrument called a scaler. The scaler can be manual or power-driven, and depending on the case, the dentist may select the device. The process is painless, and you will just feel the vibration of the scaler. 

Flossing and mouthwash rinses

Once the teeth are cleaned from all the surfaces, the dentist will clean the interproximal surfaces with the help of a waxed thread called floss. Flossing is a practice that must be incorporated into the daily oral hygiene regime for total cleaning. After the cleaning and flossing, the medicated mouthwash will be used for rinsing.


After the professional scaling in Ahmedabad, there comes the step of polishing. Polishing the teeth means using a gritty paste to make the surface smooth so that it doesn’t attract food debris and bacteria.

How many sittings are required for scaling in Ahmedabad

The total number of sittings depends on plaque build-up on the teeth. Our experts will tell you the number of sittings necessary for the complete teeth cleaning process based on your dental examination.

Usually, the sittings vary from two to four, and the time duration of each sitting is approximately 30 to 40 mins.

Is the procedure painful: scaling in Ahmedabad

The procedure is entirely painless, and our doctors make sure that your comfort is our priority at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic. You will feel the scaler vibrating and removing the deposits from your teeth’ surfaces. Usually, teeth cleaning is done without any anesthesia; however, in cases of deep scaling and root curettage, there might be a need for local anesthesia. Precautions after teeth cleaning: scaling in Ahmedabad

Where to go for teeth cleaning in Ahmedabad

So if you are looking for teeth cleaning in Ahmedabad, the Oris Smiles Dental clinic should be your ideal destination. Our team of experts ensures that you have a dental experience like never before. Our doctors take a keen interest in guiding you with the aftercare of teeth cleaning and providing tips for maintaining better oral hygiene.

The bottom line

You may think that you do not need it, but teeth cleaning in Ahmedabad is required every six months by everyone. Make sure you get your professional scaling in Ahmedabad done regularly at Oris Smiles Dental clinic to avoid dental problems in the future.

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