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What is Teeth Whitening? – Teeth Whitening in Ahmedabad

Teeth whitening is one of modern-day dentistry’s most common aesthetic procedures to enhance your smile. Teeth whitening in Ahmedabad is a non-invasive, quick method to lighten your teeth’ color to several shades.

At Oris Smiles Dental Clinic, we offer teeth whitening through the latest technology that can provide excellent results in one sitting only. Our cosmetic dentists strive hard to provide the best quality, long-lasting results.

Causes of teeth discoloration

There are broadly two categories of causes of tooth discolorations-


  • Excessive intake of beverages like tea, coffee, and wine
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Smoking can also cause the darkening of teeth


  • Excessive fluoride intake during the growth period
  • Injury or trauma to the permanent developing tooth
  • Aging is also an essential factor as the enamel gets thinner with age leading to exposure of dentin from underneath
  • Certain medications like tetracycline can lead to teeth staining when used during the development years.

Options for Teeth Whitening: Teeth Whitening in Ahmedabad

Depending on the degree of staining, our team will diagnose and help you formulate a customized plan for your teeth whitening. There are broadly four significant types of teeth whitening options available.

Whitening toothpaste

The kinds of toothpaste that are ADA certified for having constituents for the stain removal should be used for teeth whitening. These types of toothpaste are used for stain removal and are safe to use. Unlike in-office teeth whitening in Ahmedabad, they can only lighten your teeth’ color by one shade.

Whitening Gels

Various medical stores in India provide peroxide-based chemical gels as teeth bleaching products. The bleach concentration used is lesser than the in-office type of teeth whitening chemical. The time duration taken by such a method is more significant than the techniques used for teeth whitening in Ahmedabad.

Tray-based Whitening

Peroxide-based chemical agents are prescribed to be used in a customized tray like a mouthguard. These are home-based teeth whitening solutions performed under a dentist’s supervision.

In-office Bleaching

The most effective and quickest way of the teeth whitening in Ahmedabad is in-office bleaching. In a single sitting of 30 to 60 mins, you can see your teeth getting lighter in color by several shades.

Advantages of In-office Teeth Whitening in Ahmedabad

  • A fast and effective way of teeth whitening
  • Whitening lightens the color up to several shades
  • Long-lasting results if taken care of properly
  • Uniform lightening of all the teeth
  • Low sensitivity and gum irritation
  • Performed by a specialist cosmetic dentist
  • Safe and comfortable

How to maintain your results: Teeth Whitening in Ahmedabad

In-office teeth whitening can provide you with the smile of your dream in a single sitting. However, it becomes equally important to understand how to maintain this smile by incorporating certain practices into your lifestyle.

  • Avoiding dark-colored food and beverages for at least ten days after the procedure
  • Limit the intake of tea, coffee, and wine. If unavoidable, use a straw to avoid direct contact with the teeth.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco consumption.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene by learning the correct brushing techniques
  • Going for regular follow-ups with your dentist
  • If required, get a maintenance whitening done once a year to maintain that sparkle in your smile.

Points to keep in mind

  • No technique of teeth whitening can yield unrealistic white teeth. All the methods can lighten the color of your teeth up to an extent.
  • The total effect of bleaching might take up to two weeks to show up. It becomes essential when veneers and other aesthetic treatment planning are done for your case, as shade matching becomes critical in such scenarios. It is best to wait before proceeding with other cosmetic treatments.
  • The restorations already present in the teeth might need replacement as they will not match the new lighter shade.
  • Gum recession might risk extreme sensitivity to the root surface, and the exposed surface is hard to bleach. Talk to our specialists to combat such situations.
  • Pregnant women and lactating females are advised to defer teeth whitening. The potential complications of the bleaching agents is yet to be understood completely.

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