How dental crown is fitted? – A step-by-step Guide

Dental crowns or dental caps are prostheses that help enhance your smile by restoring damaged teeth. The tooth structure can be damaged due to trauma or extensive decay; dental crowns are a perfect solution to the problem. Different varieties of dental crowns are available with us at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic Ahmedabad

Whenever a dental crown is planned, people’s most common question is how it is fitted. The information provided below will briefly discuss the step-by-step guide and explain how it is done—brought to you by Oris Smiles Dental Clinic Ahmedabad. 

Clinical assessment – Step 1 of how dental crown is fitted?

The first and foremost step is a clinical assessment by our Oris Smiles Dental Clinic Ahmedabad experts. Our team will analyze your current dental status by examining your teeth clinically and radiographically. This examination is essential, as a detailed one will help us customize your treatment plan. The radiographic examination helps us decide the extent of damage and the need for any other adjunctive procedure before crowning, like a root canal treatment.

Tooth Preparation – Step 2 of how dental crown is fitted?

The second step of the crowning procedure is to prepare the tooth. The tooth preparation involves creating a stable foundation for the dental crown by removing the unsupported tooth fragments. It modifies the tooth and shapes it so that the crown fits snugly over it.  

Impression making – Step 3 of how dental crown is fitted?

The next step of crowning is to make an impression of the upper and lower teeth. The impressions are used to make study models to make the dental crown in the lab. Both upper and teeth impressions are important to check your bite and fabricate the dental crowns accordingly.

Step 4 – Temporary crown

A temporary crown is fabricated and given to you until your permanent crown is fabricated. So you do not have to worry about the aesthetics till the procedure is completed.

Final step – Step 5 of how dental crown is fitted?

Once the dental crown is fabricated, it is tried for placement. Before cementing the crown, it is checked for the bite and any high points that can affect your bite. Once our team is satisfied with the fit, it is cemented with a special adhesive cement over the tooth. The dental crowns are not removable and are cemented permanently over the tooth. After cementing the crown, you are asked to bite down gently and keep your mouth closed for a few minutes, allowing the cement to set. The excess cement is removed around the tooth, and your bite is again checked.

Aftercare regime

It is essential to follow the aftercare instructions for the longevity of the dental crowns. When taken care of properly, the dental crowns are designed to last a lifetime. The aftercare regime is fairly simple and similar to the natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing are important to avoid plaque accumulation. Always attend the regular follow-ups scheduled by our team to keep track of the progress.

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