Mockups before Smile Makeover in Ahmedabad- Why is it required

In cosmetic dentistry, mockups are an essential tool that provides a preview to the person undergoing a smile makeover. It is a painless process that simulates the outcome before undergoing the transformative process to see how their smile would look after the treatment. There are a lot of benefits of this process, which we are going to discuss in the information given below- brought to you by Oris Smiles Dental Clinic Ahmedabad.

Benefits of a Mockups before Smile Makeover in Ahmedabad

Visual Preview

It provides a visual preview of the smile transformation, a tangible preview of the smile makeover, and helps you make an informed decision. It is basically like a test drive of your smile. 

Reduces anxiety

It is a good option for people with dental anxiety and fear of dental procedures. The Mockups before Smile Makeover in Ahmedabad help control the anxiety as you get some reassurance when you preview your smile.

Builds trust

It helps build trust in the process as you can see what the smile makeover can do. Once you preview the results, you build some trust in the whole process. 

Better communication

It helps in better communication between the patient and the doctor. You can clear all your queries and doubts before starting the treatment in a better way. 

Better planning

It is an excellent tool for better treatment planning. Once the treatment planning is done, we can explain the process to you more clearly. 

How is a Mockup Done?

Initial Consultation

The process begins with a consultation with our smile experts at Oris Smiles Dental Clinic Ahmedabad, during which you discuss your smile goals.  


An impression of your teeth is taken using a digital scanner or a traditional gel-filled tray. Digital scans are quicker and more comfortable, avoiding the discomfort of traditional molds.

Mockup Creation

The collected data is used to create the mockup. If using traditional methods, a wax model (often called a “wax-up”) is crafted. For digital workflows, a 3D-printed model is created based on virtual designs.


The temporary mockup is applied to your teeth using a flowable composite. This pain-free step allows you to see and feel the proposed changes.

Why are mockups before Smile Makeover in Ahmedabad done?

Realistic Expectations

They set realistic expectations by showing what can and cannot be achieved, ensuring you are satisfied with the potential outcome.

Informed Decisions

By visualizing the changes, you can make a more informed decision about proceeding with permanent treatments.


Mockups ensure the final smile design is tailored to your preferences and dental anatomy.

Types of Mockups

There are two main types of mockups used in dental practices:


This involves creating a physical model of your teeth using wax on a stone cast derived from dental impressions. The process involves multiple steps, including taking impressions, creating stone models, and crafting wax designs, which can take several weeks.

Digital Mockups

This method uses digital impressions taken with a scanner, which are then used to create virtual models and 3D-printed mockups. Digital workflows significantly reduce the turnaround time. Digital scans are more comfortable for patients, eliminating the gag reflex issues.

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